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Preston Crissey


Yankton County Sheriff

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My name is Preston Crissey and I’ve been a sworn law enforcement officer in the State of South Dakota since 2010. I’m currently a police sergeant with the Yankton Police Department and I’m seeking to become the next Sheriff of Yankton County.

I want to personally thank you all for your time and respectfully ask for your vote on 


June 7th, 2022.


As your next sheriff, I want to focus more on county-oriented policing and working with our surrounding law enforcement agencies to better protect our citizens. If elected, I will focus on the following: 

  • Community Policing 

  • Officer Training

  • Special Response Team

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force

  • K-9

  • School Resource Officer/ DARE Officer

  • Social Media

  • Citizens Academy

  • Jail

  • Fiscally Responsible

  • Constitutional Rights

  • Employment Opportunities

  • Equipment

  • Longevity



My name is Preston Crissey and I'm seeking to become your next sheriff of Yankton County. With my leadership and 12 years of law enforcement experience, I'll provide the sheriff's office with Integrity, Longevity and Transparency. 


Since moving to Yankton in 2017, my beautiful wife Kim, and I have enjoyed raising our children here. This is where my wife grew up and where we want to continue to raise our children.

Billboard, Crissey PRINT 16x8.png